Chuck Payne Is Going To Atlanta

Senator-elect Chuck Payne (R-SD-54)

Chuck Payne is the winner tonight in State Senate District 54 in a contest against Independent candidate Debby Peppers. According to the Secretary of State’s site, Chuck won with 65.41% of the vote.  Turnout was a smidge over 9%.

One interesting bit of data that someone mentioned to me is that, regarding to the wrong date on the mailers that were sent out, of 1,037 households that received the goofed-up mailer waited to vote until 1/17 (which we know not all of them did–in fact, a number voted early) AND 100% of them voted for Peppers, it would not change the outcome.  So much for ginning up controversy.

Chuck had this to say about his victory tonight:

When I retired from 30 years of service to our at-risk youth I had no idea that God would soon open a door for service in a different role. I want to thank my family, friends, the voters of the 54 Senate District and those from across Georgia who believed in us and who stood with us to #BeTheDifference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And from Justin Tomczak who advised Chuck’s campaign:

Chuck Payne is one of the finest people I know in Georgia politics. It was my honor to help him out as he has helped so many fine candidates in the past. We need more people like Chuck involved in the political process.

Congratulations, Senator-elect.

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Looks like the Times Free Press hit piece on him had no effect either. Now maybe they can go back to some of their unbiased real reporting on how the great Mayor Berke is.


I am not in this district but I am skeptical of any politician that filed chapter seven bankruptcy.