And the Winner of the 2018 Governor Straw Poll Is…

The Barrow County Republican Party held their 23rd annual Barbecue Saturday night, and as is their custom, they held a straw poll, this time for the 2018 governor’s race, despite the fact that there are no announced candidates for a vote that is two years away. The straw ballot contained seven names, plus undecided. The results:

Secretary of State Brian Kemp 35%
Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle 12%
U.S. Rep. Tom Price 11%
Attorney General Sam Olens 9%
Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black 5%
U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland 4%
Former U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston 5%
Undecided 18%

In addition, Former Secretary of State Karen Handel got a vote as a write in candidate.

We will note that Sec. Kemp is a familiar face in Barrow County and that he was the only one present at the BBQ. We also note that based on the vote count, many of those present at the BBQ did not cast a ballot, perhaps because they were still trying to get through the 2016 elections.

Yes, it’s awfully early. But, we note that attendees at the 2015 Barrow GOP BBQ a year ago correctly predicted the top two finishers in this year’s presidential race.

Note: The original post misstated Jack Kingston’s vote total. The percentages have been updated accordingly.

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