Strong Evidence That Trump VP Is Someone Other Than Newt

Your next VP? Maybe Photo Credit: Office of the Governor of Indiana
Your next VP? Maybe.
Photo Credit: Office of the Governor of Indiana

The Indianapolis Star is confirming that Indiana Governor Mike Pence is suspending his re-election campaign.  That pretty much points to him being GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s choice for Vice President.  That doesn’t mean it’s “official”, but the official announcement will come tomorrow at 11a.

Former Speaker and Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich had been named as a top contender for the Vice Presidential slot on the Republican ticket, but it looks like Trump is trying to bolster his social conservative credentials with evangelicals with a Pence pick.

It seems that the GOP will has amp’d up the social issues game this go around with proposed planks in the Republican platform including things like all but declaring war on pornography and rejecting gay rights language that was being pushed by more moderate Republicans.  The Governor’s stance on RFRA and other social issues may help get hold outs backing Senator Ted Cruz on board the Trump Train.

Governor Pence appears to be a cool head who could potentially balance out Donald Trump’s “foot-in-mouth” disorder.  This may help ease the minds of Republican faithful (and independents) that a cool head may prevail in a Trump administration.  I can only hope that Governor Pence will be handed the keys of Trump’s personal Twitter account (and hides them) and keeps him from tweeting silliness.

Jon mentioned earlier today of a poll that possibly puts the state of Georgia in the Democratic column.  Would an 11th hour picking Newt over Governor Pence help keep Georgia Republican in November?  Potentially.  Newt won over 50% of the vote in 2012 (compared to Trump’s 39%), and he’s still fairly popular among Georgia Republicans.  Will it happen?  Probably not.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Trump won’t have Newt in his administration, but it won’t have the same panache to the average voter as “Trump/Gingrich 2016”.

We’re still months away from November.  With Hillary continuing to slide in the polls, hopefully the Trump and his campaign will actually make movement to gain ground.  Will Pence cause Republicans to move off the fence and back Trump?  We’ll see.  Currently, RealClearPolitics has the no toss-ups race at 328 for Clinton and 210 for Trump.  Let’s hope we don’t cause ourselves continued harm by making the Republican National Convention a sideshow.

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Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

Gonna go ahead and call it, white males over 40 will be the only set of voters Trump takes a majority of.

Can’t imagine the public face of RFRA and anti-gay legislation and one of the most forceful advocates for defunding Planned Parenthood is going to wow young people or women. Let’s hope he’s honed up on his TV skills after that disastrous interview with George Stephanopolus


I know I’m a little late in asking this but did anybody really think for a second that a divisive bomb-thrower like Newt would be chosen?

Jon Richards
Jon Richards

Things may not yet be fully settled. Tweet from early Friday:


Anyone who isn’t thoroughly convinced that Trump is a Clinton shill must be living in a fantasy world.

Let’s really make America great again by welcoming immigrants with open arms, providing for widows and orphans, and conserving the resources of our planet.



Confirmed via Trump Tweet, Pence the Veep choice. Bummer! Hard to see how an anti-gay born again evangelical adds anything to the ticket.

If HRC chooses Tim Kaine for her running mate, 10/4 Veep debate may be the most boring, uneventful political forum in decades.