WGST GeorgiaPol Radio for Friday April 22

It’s Friday, and we’re back in our regular slot for WGST GeorgiaPol radio at noon on 640AM.

It’s been a rather eventful week as we’ve transitioned fully into campaign season. So what are we going to talk about today? Let’s see.

We have prophet for profit Debbie Dooley discovering that threatening to sue isn’t the best way to get yourself elected as a delegate to the national convention.

Seems like that would be a natural to transition into a discussion about “angry mobs”, of which contributor Jessica writes a piece on her personal blog that is worthy of elevation and discussion.

We have new job numbers out that show the Atlanta region continues to add new jobs. Might be a good time to compare and contrast that with our “Number one State to do Business” tag in light of trying to navigate through the RFRA potential boycotts.

We’ll give Stefan equal time to declare that Hillary has won her coronation, and ask if Jim Barksdale has found the campaign trail yet.

I was on a debate panel this week in Cobb County for 2 House races and two local commission races. I found one common trait among the challengers in each of the races.

And somewhere in here, we’ll likely analyze the Trump vote vs the Trump delegates and then entertain the whining question of “Who is being unfair.”

That’s the plan. We’ll see if it holds for two hours until noon. 640 on your AM dial, or listen live at this link right here.

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