Mike Crane: False Prophet For Profit

FullSizeRenderOn Monday, Governor Nathan Deal vetoed HB 757.  Just now, I’ve received my third email from Mike Crane’s congressional campaign on the matter.  Two of the three were direct fundraising emails.  This latest one puts Senator Crane directly into the “ScamPAC” territory.

In the email, Crane threatens a false deadline of 48 hours “to choose”.  And what exactly are we choosing?  Well, per usual tactics of the professional anti-establishment wing, we have the ill defined but ever present boogeyman of “the establishment”.  Regardless, Crane needs to to give him $500, $250, $100, $50, or $25 to “show that we will not back down”.

But here’s the thing.  Like most professional grifters that prey on the fears of an unsettled electorate, Crane doesn’t actually link how these donations will help the actual fight or problem at hand.  Because they won’t.

Crane ran for Congress before he won his Senate seat.  He’s now abandoning the fight in the Senate in order to try and move up to a $174,000 per year salary so he can assume his rightful place in the “Vote against everything; Do nothing” caucus.  But a congressional district offers a much wider net for empty pontification.  And a much larger stage for ScamPAC fundraising. This “Constitutional Conservative” is raising money for a fight that remains within the State of Georgia, in order to fund a campaign for federal office. Bait, meet switch.

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Let’s again look at his own words, about why he needs your money. “Will you choose to stand with Mike and help fund the fight against the assault on our Conservative values and most cherished God given liberties?” If you’re standing with Mike, he’s leaving this fight regardless if he wins or not. It’s a nice one sided relationship he’s setting up here. And the people donating money to him are the mark.

There are actual good choices running for Congress in Georgia’s 3rd Congressional district.  Conservative, Christian choices.  There is no reason for Georgia to send another scam artist that uses issues near and dear to us to grift through the process while agitating everyone but helping no one.  I hope the people of my former home county and its neighbors look through this empty rhetoric intended to scare and find someone that matches their values that also is prepared to govern.

The frustration from our electorate is real.  It is sad to see a fresh crop of opportunists who would stoke and prey upon fears using Christianity as a basis for their deceptive business model.  The world in general, and politics specifically, has too many money changers in the temple.  The voters of Georgia’s third congressional district should take this opportunity to send Senator Crane back to Newnan, not on to Washington.

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I don’t know…the anti-establishment guy in me thinks a $500 donation from your typical tea partier is a great idea. Money well spent. Or; send it to Trump…that’s money well spent too.


You put Mike Crane in the “vote against everything and do nothing caucus”. Which caucus would you put Tom Graves in?


Another one that is trying to use this for political gain is Cagle. Does anyone think he would have actually signed the bill or not side with business? Maybe in a primary against someone from the right.

Will Durant
Will Durant

It’s a time tested formula with an updated flavor-of-the-day mantra or two being the only tweaks needed. There are very few changes from the rhetoric of the Jim Crow era and the euphemistically named religious freedom efforts. Some of the same groups are involved. Crane needs to come up with something catchy a la George Wallace’s “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” sound bite.

For the preachers absolutely nothing changes. “They all tell you to send your money to the Lord but they give your their address.” — Hank Jr.


That’s a budding Freedom Caucus rep if ever I heard one plead for money.