Governor’s Presser Called For 10am; RFRA Hangs In Balance

“What must be done eventually must be done immediately” – Jeremy Foley

The Governor has called a press conference for 10am this morning. While no reason has been given, the expectation is that guidance will be given on RFRA, and possibly the announcement of a veto could be forthcoming. A livestream can be viewed here.

Why is that? The Governor has 40 days to officially decide whether to sign or veto a bill. Yet as long as the bill sits on his desk, Georgia is in a lose-lose posture.

Both sides of this bill are feasting on the negative press. Josh McKoon deserves a distinguished service medal for using Easter Weekend calling out everyone who dared to politicize HB 757 during Easter. Because politicization is a one way street, apparently.

The damage to Georgia’s image as a place to do business is mounting. Opponents have alternated between “these are empty threats” and “Tell the Governor HB 757 is more important than business”. It’s one or the other, not both.

But next week is an essential economic development week in Georgia. The Masters is always used as an economic development event. The Georgia Chamber also has its annual “Red Carpet Tour” to leverage that with a look at the rest of Georgia with potential employers.

The Governor doesn’t have to face the voters again. His only obligation is to do what is best for Georgia. ALL of Georgia.

And with two specific economic development prospects removing Georgia from consideration already over HB 757, it’s clear there is economic harm in proceeding under the current path. What has been less clear is how Georgia and Georgians benefit specifically from this bill (that they don’t already enjoy under the Civil Rights Act and the 1st Amendment).

When looking at the evidence, we have talk on one side, and economic consequences in the other. And a deadline coming likely sooner rather than later on what direction Governor Deal will take. Stay tuned for updates shortly.


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