Author: Zack Lindsey

Edward Lindsey Turns 60

It feels like every year my family celebrates the birthday of Edward Lindsey. This was an exciting year for my father, he served as legal counsel for the Brian Kemp gubernatorial campaign, traveled to Africa for three weeks to visit my twin in the peace corps, and grew a beard for the first time in

Rep. Loudermilk and Staff Are Safe After Shooting

Via the AJC…Georgia congressman, Barry Loudermilk and his Chief of Staff Rob Adkerson, are safe after ball field shooting in D.C. suburb. Horrific reports of “a number of congressmen and congressional staffers lying on the ground, and at least one of them was wounded.” These congressmen and staffers are good, kind-hearted, people. Many of the

Taking All Bets, Prediction Markets Abuzz Assessing Georgia’s Future

Time to collect all the 3rd floor gossip under the Gold Dome, because prediction markets—more commonly and less accurately referred to as political gambling sites—are open for the 6th congressional districts upcoming special election and Former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue’s Secretary of Agriculture confirmation process. Prediction markets have been shown, by some research, to be

Dispatch From Havana: Georgia’s Trading Interests in Cuba

With a new and ambiguous administration taking control in Washington D.C. last Friday, there will be a new debate on the sanctions against Cuba, and a softening of the trade restrictions could have a big impact on the developing humanitarian and financial relationship between Georgia businesses and the Cuban people. Ask the average Cuban on