Is One Of Team Trump’s Georgia Election Fighters A Republican?

Lin Wood, one of the current pail carriers for President Donald Trump, has been casting aspersions towards Georgia Republicans including both Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. He’s been taking to Twitter with a similar veracity as the President.

One would think that only an ardent Trump Republican would be making accusations that our Secretary of State were making backroom deals with Democrats, calling for the resignation and jailing of our Governor, and other baseless accusations and silliness, right?

Well, we were sent a tip about Mr. Wood’s voting record. You can see it below, but notice how “Republican” doesn’t show up on the primary ballots he pulled–most recently 2018.

Read that for what you will, but perhaps keep that in mind when you see Mr. Wood’s bombastic tweets about our Republican elected officials.


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