Is Congressman Jody Hice Part Of The DC Swamp?

These days it seems there are no stupid questions, just stupid times. And what a time to be alive!

Attention is finally turning to this cluster of an election season we’re having, as a dwindling political press corps can’t seem to handle 20 person primaries – especially when most candidates these days have no track record outside of social media.

The current focus, specifically, is 6th District 14th District GOP Candidate Marjorie Greene, who has said that black people should be proud when they see Confederate monuments. And that, amazingly, isn’t among the most controversial things she’s said, #QAnon

After a litany of GOP House Leadership, members of the Georgia delegation, and former 6th District Congresswoman Karen Handel have all helped to draw attention to Green’s antics by openly supporting her opponent Dr John Cowan, Greene responded in typical fashion by calling all these fine folks that allegedly represent the delegation and caucus in which she wants to serve, the DC Swamp.

Marjorie’s supporters were quick to start dropping the name of Freedom Caucus members that stand with them. Please read the next sentence in your best Lee Corso voice:

Not So Fast!

Congressman Jody Hice, a Freedom Caucus Member, doesn’t care to be burdened by the baggage Marjorie Greene would bring to Congress, per a Facebook post this afternoon:

For those on social media who kindly suggested I hold my own opinion as I’m not a voter in GA-14, I assert that I live in the same Congressional District as Greene. I’m glad to see her called out on her self-serving, uber-divisive style of politics, which I got to witness up front and personal for a year before she decided to try and buy a seat in Congress elsewhere – at the behest of folks in DC, apparently.

I’m sure there will be more name calling, and assertions that none of these people get to vote for Marjorie. As a resident of Fulton County, neither does she. While voters in Georgia 14 surely realize that Fulton County has many, many problems right now, the best way to solve them isn’t for them to send someone from Fulton on their behalf to Washington.

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