Watch: Governor Kemp Delivers State of State Address

Wild Hog, Family pictures during gaveling in, and Eggs and Issues are now in the rear view mirror. This morning at 11am, Governor Kemp will deliver the State of the State address. It’s the transition from the pageantry that opens the Georgia General Assembly session to the work that lies ahead.

While Governor Kemp will likely tout first year accomplishments as he did yesterday at Eggs and Issues, the State of the State is usually where the road map for his agenda will be made more clear. As this is labeled a “budget cutting session”, expect areas of new spending to be sparse.

Instead, most capital observers will be looking for details or at least hints of the Governor’s FY 2021 revenue estimate. It is this estimate from which legislators must build the state’s budget. This will determine what can be added, and what must be cut, in order for the budget to balance.

So this morning there will be ceremony and escort committees, and you will see a lot of clapping and cheering from a joint meeting of the Georgia House and Senate. Those same legislators will be listening closely, as will everyone else in the gallery and halls of the Capitol, as everyone attempts to learn the total dollar amount that Georgia will plan on spending next year.

You can watch the address live, here.

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