Sen Bill Heath To Retire

As it is the first day of session in a re-election year, those that have decided to return to the citizen part of being a citizen-legislator will begin to make announcements about their future plans. This morning from the well of the Senate, with his wife at his side, Senator Bill Heath (R-Breman) said he will not seek re-election and is retiring from politics.

Heath has been in the Senate since 2005, but is perhaps better known for his 2002 victory for the House seat held by former Speaker Tom Murphy. Speculation had surfaced that Heath would take a look at the open 14th Congressional seat being vacated by Tom Graves, but Heath appears to have ruled that out, telling his colleagues there is more to life than politics.

Heath’s seat is most likely to remain in Republican hands for the next two years. New legislative maps will be redrawn after this year’s census and are expected to be in place for the 2022 elections.

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