Chattooga Democratic Sheriff Leaves Party

All On Georgia Chattooga posted earlier today on Facebook that Chattooga County Democratic Sheriff Mark Schrader tendered his resignation to the Chattooga County Democratic Party this week. This comes on the heels of Chattooga County Magistrate Court Judge Tracy Maddux announcing that he would not run for reelection as a Democrat.

According to All On Georgia Chattooga, these potential party switches stem from harassing and threatening comments on a social media post made by Sheriff Schrader supporting deputies who provided assistance to the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s department with protests in Dahlonega this past weekend. Sheriff Schrader deleted the post with a new one in its place:

“I deleted a post that I posted yesterday because after re-reading the post I saw where I could have worded it differently. We went to Lumpkin County at the request of the Sheriff to help ensure everyone stayed safe and no property was damaged. We didn’t go there to support any side. While I will never apologize for doing the job I was elected to do, I will apologize for the wording of that post and especially if the wording offended you..” Sheriff Schrader posted on Facebook after removing his previous comment.

Sheriff Mark Schrader on Facebook via All On Georgia – Chattooga

I’ve heard there’s more to the story, and I’m working with folks close to the local GOP. Stay tuned for additional details as they come up.


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