Speaker David Ralston’s Remarks At The Fannin GOP Valentine’s Dinner

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston gave remarks at the annual Fannin County GOP Valentine’s Day dinner this past Saturday evening. In those remarks, he talked about the successes of the Republican Party, but he also gave folks a reminder of what’s coming in 2020. It’s a frank discussion, but it’s encouraging. We, Republicans, have a fight on our hands.

The Speaker reminds us that whomever has the majority in the legislature after next year’s election will control reapportionment and redistricting in 2021 and, ultimately, state government for the next decade.

Have a listen to the Speaker’s remarks.

Speaker David Ralston’s remarks to the Fannin GOP

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I recognize this is straight talk but it’s also anti-democratic. “Controlling” redistricting shouldn’t be a thing. Having one party dictate policy, not through reason, or getting more votes, but by drawing is against everything this nation stands for.


Prediction: 2020-
Dems win majority.
R’s suddenly embrace an independent commission to redraw districts.


But if it actually did happen, there would unfortunately remain the possibility that Dems would shun the idea and maintain the status quo. The greatest progress often involves the greatest sacrifice of power.


This is true. Which is why we should do it when both parties are potentially giving up something and gaining something. If the hurt is entirely one-way and that party controls…

Lawton Sack
Lawton Sack

While I am personally for a non-partisan committee, what exactly would the Democrats be giving up? We both are old enough to remember when the shoe was the on the other foot in Georgia. Not to mention President Obama quipping: “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” Don’t hold your breathe to think that the Republicans are going to give what the Democrats would not.