Georgia House Overwhelmingly Votes To Name New Judicial Complex After Governor Nathan Deal

Earlier today, the Georgia House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to name the new state judicial complex being built after former Governor Nathan Deal. Only two state representatives voted against House Resolution 1: Rep. Matt Gurtler (R-Tiger) and freshman Rep. Colton Moore (R-Trenton).

I, as well as others, have spoken highly of our former Governor. I believe Governor Deal will go down as one of the most effective governors in Georgia’s history. Affixing his name to the state’s new state appellate judicial complex is a fitting tribute to his legacy.

That being said, I understand why Rep. Gurtler voted against the resolution. He votes against just about everything…including hurricane relief funding affected by Hurricane Michael during the special session last year. It’s not surprising that he votes against a resolution to honor a former governor. It’s disappointing, but not surprising. I just hope that his island hasn’t gained a new citizen.

Rep. Moore’s vote against HR 1 perplexes me. As a man who was born and raised and cut his political teeth in northwest Georgia (and a former constituent in House District 1), I know that Governor Deal was popular up there…especially in northwest Georgia. Did he make everyone happy? No. He had his outspoken critics, but I would say that “most” people approved of his job as governor. This was Rep. Moore’s first vote on legislation as a member of the Georgia General Assembly, and vote doesn’t make sense to me. Was it a vote to get attention? Was it a vote to say that he’s on the same island as Rep. Gurtler? I don’t know, but it seems like he’s sending a message that he’s going to stand out among his peers in the House–and not in a good way either.

I sent him a Facebook Message asking about his vote, but I haven’t heard back yet. I’m willing to post his response when I get one. I’m sure the Representative from the First will quickly learn that actions have consequences. HR 1 should have been an easy bill to get behind. I’d be curious to know what the rationale is for Rep. Moore’s to vote against honoring former Governor Deal.

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