Brian Robinson Says Perdue Can’t Replicate 2014 or Kemp Strategy for Re-Election

What will it take for Senator David Perdue to be reelected? Not being a Trump-like candidate in a fast-trending Democratic state says Brian Robinson.

As part of his weekly appearance on WABE’s “Political Breakfast”, Robinson said last Friday the then-ongoing shutdown would give Senator Perdue the opportunity to present himself in a new light to voters. Fmr. Gov. Deal’s deputy chief of staff outlined a relatively bleak electoral outlook for Perdue (starting around 36:40).

There’s no transcript but some quotes I quickly grabbed from Robinson start off with a great caveat emptor: “Every time I say it–Democrats are over sampled in Georgia and every time I am right.”

He continued:

David Perdue can not replicate the Kemp winning formula. The numbers won’t work again. Perdue has got to bring back the Republicans we lost in the 6th, 7th and 11th Congressional Districts. He’s got to go get those people. Karen Handel lost but she got 17,000 more votes than Kemp did.

That’s that swing Republican voter and Perdue can talk to them by being seen as a problem solver.

The problem solving proposed was in light of the then-ongoing government shutdown, which, if our thoughts and prayers work we get to do all over again!

Anyway, Robinson says it will be imperative for Perdue to find a new political tack next year:

With Sen. Perdue being on the ballot in 2020 he has a unique opportunity here. The Georgia he will face is a more Democratic state than the one he faced in 2014 and it is trending fast in that direction.

The Democrats are putting forward more and more serious candidates for these offices. Stacey Abrams is very serious.


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