Rep. Carolyn Hugley to Chair Voting Rights Caucus

On Monday, a group of Democrats formed the Voting Rights Caucus and elected the nascent group’s leadership.

The press release announcing the caucus came from Fair Fight Action–the continuation of Stacey Abrams unsuccessful bid for governor. Fair Fight Action focuses on…well, voting rights.

“This past election cycle showed us that the rights of our voters are not fully protected. Launching this new venture seeks to make sure that our voters are put first and are able to freely elect their representatives without undue hindrance. That notion is exactly what this new caucus will do, and I’m thrilled to work with our friends across chambers and the aisle,” said Rep. Hugley.

The rest of the caucus leadership is:

First Vice Chair, Sen. Nan Orrock
Second Vice Chair, Rep. Sam Park
Secretary, Rep. David Dreyer
Treasurer, Sen. Ed Harbison
Financial Secretary, Rep. Kimberly Alexander


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