Abrams Launches New Ad About Voting Day Problems

Despite an ethics complaint filed by the Georgia Republican Party against her for running ads and calls from Brian Kemp for her to concede, Stacey Abrams has issued a new ad entitled “Problems.”


Reporter: There were a lot of problems at the polls.
Reporter: Three voting machines were sent, but eight were supposed to be there.
Reporter: ID Scanners weren’t working.
Voter: We ran out of provisional ballots.
Reporter: Forgot power cords.
Voter: Misinformation.
Reporter: Technical issues.
Reporter: Delayed balloting for nearly three hours.
Reporter: Four hours.
Voter: Five hours.
Reporter, to voter: Are you going to come back?
Voter, answering: I’m gonna try. I have to go to work.
Reporter: Checked the My Voter page, and it said there was no record of it. People are wondering what happened to their ballot.
Narrator: This election, was your voice heard? For every voice to be heard, every vote must be counted. Share your story.

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