Hacker Selling Reported GA Voter List for $250

Does anyone else think whoever is selling the purported list of Georgia’s voters is setting the price too low?

If so, you can scoop up that bargain (and 18 other states’ rolls) according to a report in ZDNet. The technology news website didn’t list the “popular hacking forum” where the information is being sold, but according to experts, this dump is the latest project of a well-known voter-database hacker “Omnipotent”.

From the report:

“To our knowledge this represents the first reference on the criminal underground of actors selling or distributing lists of 2018 voter registration data,” said researchers from Anomali Labs and Intel471, the two companies who spotted the forum ad.

The two companies said they’ve reviewed a sample of the database records and determined the data to be valid with a “high degree of confidence.”


The good news: “authorities have been made aware of the thread”.

The bad news: “the person who’s selling the voter data claimed that ‘data is refreshed each Monday of every week,’ suggesting that he either still has access to the compromised servers or a way to receive these updates through other means.”


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