Victor Hill Arrests Opponent

You heard it here first.  I saw this coming.  The pettiest and messiest campaign has kicked off in ClayCo.   Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill first arrested the wife of his 2020 opponent.  This week he arrested the candidate himself supposedly for giving false information back in November 2017.

Catchup here:

There is the new tea1.   Robert Hawes was allowed to resign in November because of an incident with his missing Clayton County sheriff’s department firearm.  It is unclear if former Deputy Robert Hawes’ son took the firearm or if it was sold to an Atlanta Police Officer.  Hawes said he “accidentally sold it.”  I don’t know how you accidentally sell a piece of your equipment.  That like me saying I accidentally sold my computer.  Nonetheless, Victor Hill didn’t believe him and arrested him for allegedly lying.

It only took Sheriff Victor Hill eight months to come to this conclusion that an arrest was needed (when a citation would have sufficed).  It may be just coincidental that this arrest came after Hawes’ wife went in2 on Hill in the media.

On the one hand people could argue that Hill is using his position of power excessively.  On the other hand, this story with the gun sounds fishy.

Oh yea and there is a stripper …. I mean exotic dancer … involved too.  Not quite sure yet how it is related but when has a story including a sheriff’s deputy, a gun, and a stripper not turn out to be very interesting.  I am sure Victor will be letting us know very soon.


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  1. This is a test. I told you what “tea” meant in the last post on this topic.  Catch up!
  2. “went in” – to perform an action in stand-out fashion; to deliver lyrics or statements with notable passion, energy or aggression.

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