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Victor Hill Arrests Opponent

You heard it here first.  I saw this coming.  The pettiest and messiest campaign has kicked off in ClayCo.   Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill first arrested the wife of his 2020 opponent.  This week he arrested the candidate himself supposedly for giving false information back in November 2017. Catchup here: https://www.georgiapol.com/2018/08/20/petty-warrants-in-clayco/ There is the new tea1.   Robert

Petty Warrants in ClayCo

Pass the popcorn for the 2020 Clayton County Sheriff’s election.  Sheriff Victor Hill and his potential opponent Robert Hawes are off to a hilariously funny start.  Hill used his power as Clayton County’s top cop to arrest the wife of his opponent for …. [insert drum roll] … EMAILS. Not Hilary Clinton email erasing but