Happy Birthday Teri

It’s Teri’s Birthday.  That’s Representative Anulewicz if you’re being formal and all.  And, she’s in Junior League, so we must start out with formalities, lest I get a “Bless your heart” added to the thank you note this post will generate on personalized, lilac-scented stationary.

Since Teri started here, she’s gone from “non-partisan City Councilwoman Teri” to…sigh.. “Democratic State Representative Teri” but she still brings us Tuesday morning reads from publications I don’t subscribe to and even more strangely, is willing to be seen with us in public.  Well…most of us.  Sorry Ed.

Now that she’s partisan Teri I guess it’s fitting to note that she shares a birthday with Mrs. Rosalynn Carter, along with a lot of other quite positive traits.  They’re “good people” as we say down here.

Anyway, y’all wish Teri a happy birthday and, please, remember to be semi-formal but casually friendly about it, as League style requires.


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