Abrams on “The Daily Show”: Reject Crayola Politics

Stacey Abrams made a trip to Manhattan on Monday to discuss her book: “Minority Leader.”

Abrams said she hopes people stop fixating on her being the first black nominee for governor of Georgia calling that “Crayola politics.”

“Fundamentally it doesn’t really matter what race you are; we want a good governor who can lead.”

You can watch the rest of her appearance at Comedy Central.

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I hope people are mature enough to get past “crayola politics.” I have my doubts that it will happen.


What does that term mean?


It’s race-based identity politics.
In her interview, she was clearly playing down the issue of race, and developing a post-racial position (race shouldn’t matter; only competence).

Pragmatic Progressive
Pragmatic Progressive

She’s pivoting to the middle. She played up the historic nature of her candidacy in the primary, but I liked the way she handled the question. She didn’t completely alienate the groups who are galvanizing to make history, but also eased the “fears” of white voters who are “uncomfortable” hearing about race in politics.