Morning Reads

Tomorrow, two juggernauts of world football collide: yes, the world truly awaits Russia vs. Saudi Arabia.

  1. Atlanta could host the 2026 World Cup!
  2. You still gonna pretend you’re holier-than-thou about soccer? 
  3. With my voice still gone, time for Jamie Dupree 2.0
  4. How GA congresscritters reacted to the North Korea deal. 
  5. Valdosta mayor learnin’ kids how to read! 
  6. Long before the Trump era, Jimmy Carter tried (and failed) to prevent politicized justice. 
  7. Trump still holds Jimmy Carter’s view on withdrawing U.S. troops from South Korea. 
  8. John Lewis regrets endorsement in RI gubernatorial race. 
  9. Half the population of the Eastern Seaboard gets cliched photos here, might as well make it nice. 

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