The OFFICIAL World Cup Bracket

Pretending to not know anything about soccer rings less true than a Yellow Jacket’s belief that this year they’ll beat UGA.

So get ready one and all for the *OFFICIAL* GAPol.Com World Cup Bracket! As always–prizes are involved for the winner. And, as always, every prize offered in each competition has gone unclaimed so…. yeah. I’m just going to re-use those offers. Or if you win, just say what you want for a prize. I’m an accommodating type.

“That’s great and all, but good God man! Tell me how I can play! 

Glad you asked. Click here. You should be taken to the league “GA State Winning the World Cup”. If not, the League Code is TZ4J3NZE. I believe if you search for the code you’ll be able to join.

Register with your email or FB account.

“I’d wish you good luck but you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you got it.” 

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George Chidi
George Chidi

The U.S. failure to make the tournament this year is a crime and a shame and completely intentional. I will go to my grave believing they tanked it on purpose to avoid playing in Russia.


interesting theory, i don’t buy it and am curious about your rationale…usmnt has been a train wreck coming down the tracks for a few years now going back to klinsmann leaving donovan off the team in 2014…he lost the locker room after the cup and arena really wasn’t capable of righting the ship…the trinidad loss was weird, i’ll admit…but i don’ think it was thrown..


Is it any less true that Georgia will again choke away any chance at a Natty since 1980?

We won’t have to worry about that, they probably will not make it out of the SEC East garbage division.