Stacey Abrams Just Clinched the Primary With Hillary Clinton’s Endorsement

Hillary Clinton endorsed Stacey Abrams. What was particularly noteworthy about the endorsement, made via robo-call today, is that Secretary Clinton twice made provided pneumonic differentiation between the two Stacies (“Abrams, with an ‘A'”).

With Stacey Evans seemingly plateauing at around 20-25 percent and Abrams having either 58% of Democratic voters or only just 43%.

Now I feel confident saying Abrams has likely secured the momentum and support needed to stave off Evans, who would have needed likely every undecided voter to swing her way to win. Is having spent far more time in Georgia campaigning than Abrams going to pay off? That’s about the only path to victory for Evans.

Said Secretary Clinton, however:

“Hello, this is Hillary Clinton asking you to vote for Stacey Abrams for governor of Georgia on May 22nd. Abrams, with an “A,” is the first Black woman to serve as House Democratic Leader, a small business innovator, and a civil rights champion with a proven track record of fighting for public education, gun safety, voting rights, and Medicaid expansion. A Yale Educated attorney, Abrams is the only candidate with bold new plans to ensure Georgians have access to good jobs, quality public schools, affordable child care and higher education. On May 22nd vote for my friend Stacey Abrams, that’s Abrams with an “A,” to ensure every Georgia family has the freedom and opportunity to thrive.”



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