New Bipartisan Effort To Prevent HQ2 Coming To Atlanta

Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore wasn’t content to let Casey Cagle work on keeping HQ2 out of Atlanta. She let it know she’s “not the biggest fan” of Amazon setting up shop in Atlanta.

“I just think it will accelerate some of the gentrification and affordability [issues in Atlanta]” President Moore said on WABE’s “A Closer Look” on Thursday (17:07).

Just to double down on the Amazon antagonism, Moore says a city of Seattle head tax that caused Amazon to cancel expanding it’s Seattle HQ is a good thing.

“Seattle has it right. They see what I’m seeing; the impact there will be of a company coming in.

“There’s a lot of pluses but there’s also a lot of minuses.”

Welp. It was fun while it lasted. 



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