Michael Williams Tackles an Important GA Issue: Boy Scouts

Move over transit and transportation issues in Georgia. Forget about expounding upon how he will eliminate the state income tax. What about the 50 distressed counties in Georgia or the rural healthcare crisis? Nah. Michael Williams is focusing his campaign on what is really important to Georgia citizens: the decision of the Boys Scouts of America to change the name of its older youth program to Scouts BSA in February, 2019.

The change in the program name was made because the Scouts want to reflect their decision to actively recruit girls into the Scouts program. As a former Scout and a father of two girls, I applaud their decision. However, Michael Williams says it is “the latest example of the culture rot promoted by the hard-left as part of their systematic attempt to destroy all signs of masculinity in the next generation.” Wow.

Williams believes that the name change will lead to the “eventual destruction of the very elements that made them such an influential organization. They caved to left-wing social engineers who want to remove the concept of male masculinity from society.”

Oh, he also said: “Imagine the outcome of World War II if the Greatest Generation had been raised by these politically correct bedwetters. You’d be reading this in German.” He also added that “our great nation desperately needs more John Waynes and fewer Pajama Boys.”

Williams tried to bolster his desire of keeping the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts separate by stating: “Everyone doesn’t have to fall in line and discredit the differences of each sex that make both genders unique and special. Yes, each gender is different! That’s why women are only required to complete less than half of the number of push-ups as men to pass Army Basic Training. Perhaps separate Scouting programs for boys and girls isn’t so crazy after all.” Does this mean he also wants a male Army and a female Army???

Michael Williams says that his Republican opponents are silent because “they simply can’t because of their masters. Or they will wait until after I’ve taken all the arrows and attacks in the media and come out with a weak statement.” And who exactly are their masters? Williams says, “Every single one of my opponents receive their money from the establishment, lobbyists, special interests, and big corporate. If they anger their big donors, they know the money train will come to a stop. Of course, this isn’t what they’re saying during campaign season. They all ‘claim’ to be ‘conservatives’ fighting against the lobbyists and special interests.”

Thankfully, the Williams campaign for Governor will be over in a little over two weeks. Williams was showing only at 3.2% in a recent AJC poll in the Republican Governor’s race. Of course, Williams says that “the lying Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which recently admitted to having ‘bias’ against our campaign, released a ‘poll’ from a discredited polling group intending to scare conservatives across Georgia into submission. It’s the same thing they did with Donald Trump.”

Williams truly believes he will be in the runoff, though: “The liberal media wants you to believe this race is over and to accept that Crazy Casey will become the Republican nominee. That won’t happen. There will be a runoff against Cagle, and we’ll be in it! In the runoff, true conservatives will unite against Cagle’s moderate record and political doublespeak.”


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