Williams and Kemp Target Stronger Abortion Laws in Georgia if Elected Governor

Secretary of State Brian Kemp, a Republican candidate for Governor, issued a strong statement yesterday via Twitter and Facebook that revealed his plan of action on abortion laws in Georgia if he is elected:

“I back Mississippi’s ban on abortions after fifteen weeks and vow to sign the toughest abortion laws in the country as your next governor. If abortion rights activists want to sue me…bring it! I’ll fight for life at the Capitol and in the courtroom.”

Not to be outdone, fringe gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams, also a Republican, stated that he will eliminate abortions in Georgia after 6-8 weeks:

“If elected governor, I will sign [the] ‘Heartbeat Bill’ that would ban abortions after 6 to 8 weeks. I first publicly announced my support for this at the Gwinnett Republican Party Gubernatorial Debate on March 10th. The weakest and most vulnerable members of our society are under attack by far-left activist judges and organizations such as Planned Parenthood that celebrate in the deaths of unborn babies. Georgia can ban abortion after a heartbeat is detected at six to eight weeks if we have a fearless conservative leading our state.”

Williams further continued his stance that he is the strongest anti-abortion candidate for Governor:

“No other candidate in the race comes close to my plan to stop these abortions. Other candidates in this race pretend they are serious about abortion, and even write statements claiming to be tough on abortion. The facts are clear: The Fetal Heartbeat bill is the most pro-life legislation in the country.

Brian Kemp’s latest statement is another attempt to latch on to my conservative agenda after witnessing the positive response I received. But his statement does not go near as far as my support for a Heartbeat bill. We need a governor that will be a fearless conservative, without waiting for the results of public opinion before taking a stand. That’s the difference between a career politician like Brian, who was conceived and groomed by political consultants, and myself who proudly represents the working class people of Georgia.”

Joining the attack on Kemp was Christina Reynolds, vice president of communications at EMILY’s List. EMILY’s List touts itself as “the nation’s largest resource for women in politics.” They state that they have raised over $500 million to support pro-choice Democratic women candidates. Reynolds stated:

“Brian Kemp has shown us his cards: as governor, he would make Georgia women second-class citizens. His commitment to pass an extreme abortion ban is another reason why EMILY’s List is fighting to elect Stacey Abrams governor. She knows that women and families in Georgia deserve the right to make their own health and economic decisions. Stacey will stand up for Georgia’s women, not deny them equality nor take away their ability to make the health care decisions right for them and their families.”


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