Democratic Primary Still Up for Grabs

More than half of Georgia’s Democrats don’t know who they will vote for in the Democratic Primary–now just 32 days away.

The latest AJC/Channel 2 poll finds: 52% of Democrats are in the undecided/don’t know campaign, 33% back Stacey Abrams and 15% support Stacey Evans.

Despite this, the Abrams campaign seemed to signal they’re preparing for a victory.

In a statement the Abrams campaign said:  “as the race draws closer to the finish line, voters continue to flock to the Abrams campaign. This poll further cements Abrams’ position as the unquestioned frontrunner in the race.”

Weird, this poem just happened to appear as I was typing up the post, hyperlinked and everything. No I’m not passing judgement on the statement or anything….


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