Republican Primary Challenger Presents Fundraising Opportunity For Speaker David Ralston

FetchYourNews has an article about yet another Republican challenger to Georgia House Speaker David Ralston.  Speaker Ralston, you may remember, handily defeated Sam Snider in 2014 by a 30-point margin and again in 2016 by a larger 32-point margin.

Margaret Willliamson intends to challenge the Speaker in the 2018 primary election.  In a statement, she says that she has been involved in state and local politics for many years and intends to use her experience under the Gold Dome.  She is also creating a Facebook page where she will list her stances on the issues.

We aren’t sure if Debbie Dooley will be helping out for a third straight loss Ms. Williamson’s campaign, but you can expect the Speaker will be using this as a fundraising opportunity once the legislative session adjourns sine die as well as a similar election result in 2014 and 2016.


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