Ralston: Explore State Mass Transit Funding, Strengthen Harassment Protocols in Upcoming Session

A new legislative session is set to dawn and once again, the 40-day legislature will attempt to solve all Georgia’s problems.

House Speaker David Ralston told WABE on Monday that some of the new challenges for the body in 2018 will be to prevent sexual misconduct under the Gold Dome, “beefing up” enforcement on opioids, determining funding mechanisms in Georgia for public transportation and forging a relationship with the new mayor. 

The first three will all be explored through new special committees–a definite sign of action. Ralston was wary of prejudicing their work by commenting directly but he did acknowledge euphemistically that the legislature “is not a perfect place” but they are proactive in trying to prevent the misconduct swirling around D.C. and elsewhere. (WIll there be similar allegations in Atlanta? “I certainly hope not”).

It’s foolish to think there’s a silver bullet that will emerge this session to tackle the opioid crisis in Georgia. Ralston agreed but he also doesn’t think representatives will sit idly by saying “I would not be surprised to see [legislative] measures come through”.

Yet another fascinating tidbit from the interview is Ralston will offer an olive branch to Keisha Lance Bottoms, the presumptive mayor elect of Atlanta. He said he views the Legislature and City of Atlanta as “partners”. That seemingly obvious statement was rarely said by previous legislative leaders and Ralston said he wants the same type of relationship with Bottoms as he did with Mayor Reed.

You can read more about Ralston on moving Confederate monuments and the likelihood of religious liberty bills in Georgia and more at WABE’s website.


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