Current State Senator Blames Former State Senator For Seat Flip

It didn’t take long for one Republican gubernatorial candidate to blame his opponent for the Democratic gain in SD-6.  In a statement, State Senator Michael Williams (R-SD-27) laid blame squarely at the feet of his former colleague Senator Hunter Hill (R-SD-6), who resigned his seat to focus on his gubernatorial campaign:

“Rather than following through with his commitment to serve out the remainder of his term, Hunter Hill abandoned his Senate seat so that he could continue receiving contributions from Atlanta donors while seeking higher office. His decision to put himself, and his political career, ahead of his constituents has harmed the conservative cause in Georgia. Because of this defeat, Georgia Republicans have lost the Senate Super Majority.

“Hunter Hill’s voting record did little to help the Republicans running for his seat. From his legislation (SB 68) to expand Common Core into private schools, to championing eminent domain that would allow big corporate to take property from lawful owners for the “good” of the community (HB 434), to expanding government by forcing women who serve as private lactation consultants to new mothers to register with the state and pay a fee (HB 649), to voting against recording of votes in Senate committee meetings (SR 24 Committee vote) Hunter has only emboldened Democratic candidates with his liberal voting record. Voters in Senate District 6 saw little difference between left-wing candidates and Hunter Hill.

“He has labeled himself the ‘conservative fighter.’ I don’t disagree. He fights conservatives at every turn.

“Last night’s results reaffirm my decision to serve out the remainder of my term and to continue fulfilling my responsibilities as a state senator to the people of Senate District 27.”

Hill rebuffed Williams’ accusation with some pretty sharp language (hat tip to Jon Gillooly who posted Hill’s statement on his Facebook page):

“Running for governor is a very serious undertaking. Senator Hill believes the people of the 6th District should have a senator who is not seeking higher office and could focus solely on the needs of the district.
Unfortunately, the taxpayers of Georgia will be forced to subsidize Senator Michael Williams’ circus act next legislative session. Williams’ false attacks, desperate publicity stunts, and press conference flops are beneath the dignity of the office he is seeking. The people of Forsyth County deserve better and the people of Georgia certainly deserve better in their next governor.”

Grab the popcorn…the 2018 gubernatorial circus is in town.

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Does running for office tend to turn people into raging aholes or are aholes naturally attracted to public office?

Lea Thrace
Lea Thrace

A little from column A and a little from column B.


A lot of pols can be driven to assholic behavior but for Williams that’s just a starting point.