Please Return Your Seatback and Tray Tables to the Upright and Locked Position

…because this flight is over.

Dr. Tom Price, the CD6 Representative who left Congress to be Donald Trump’s Secretary for Health and Human Services, resigned this afternoon following a turbulent week.

From the AJC:

Health Secretary Tom Price resigned from his Cabinet post on Friday, the White House said, after racking up at least $1 million in travel on private and military jets, a string of taxpayer-funded expenses that drew bipartisan condemnation.

The former Roswell orthopedic surgeon had lost support from President Donald Trump, who said Wednesday that he was “not happy” with his health secretary despite Price’s pledge to pay back taxpayers for part of the bill and to stop flying on chartered jets.

Price offered to reimburse taxpayers around $50,000.

The private plane travel, coupled with a failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act, lead many to speculate that Price wouldn’t finish the week as HHS Secretary. Trump appointed Don Wright to serve as acting HHS Secretary following Price’s announcement.


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