John Barrow Sends SOS Signal

UPDATE: Barrow has filed paperwork declaring his candidacy for Secretary of State. Tweet below. Website and twitter account have been added.

Former Congressman John Barrow said he wants to be the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State in 2018. (In case you’ve forgotten he was the last white Democrat to represent Dixie in Congress).

Barrow made the announcement at a meeting of the Athens-Clarke County Democratic Party. 

Now I know it isn’t a direct transition but congressman to Secretary of State seems like a lateral move at best. Regardless, you’d think the Democrats will now have some semblance of a serious slate next year. More importantly, for Barrow at least, 66 doesn’t seem like too old an age to run for governor so maybe there’s a method to his madness.


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Well that is something. I had a chance to mini-bond with Barrow last year in Philadelphia. Interesting political creature. Seems like a man who knows his way around the halls of power. Solid Clintonista. But he is a political creature of the Establishment Democrats. However, it may be premature to put him solidly in the same D-Camp his superdelegate vote propped.
Every establishment D has a chance to reach over the fence and listen to young voters reanimate old progressive ideas.

I dunno…he really is such a white male boomer LOL… but willing to listen; nice guy tho.


He at least knows enough to get himself photographed.

Zack Lindsey
Zack Lindsey

Can’t someone just want to be Secretary of State?


Barrow is old school. It’s a damn shame Athens is gerrymandered and he can’t be a Congressman for the district.


Indypendant, Athens was gerrymandered when Barrow was first elected in 2004—at that time, the district ran from Athens through Augusta (well, mainly the Democratic parts of Augusta) and to Savannah. You can’t draw an Athens-based district that elects a Democrat without resorting to contorted boundaries—all 5 counties that border Athens (Barrow, Jackson, Madison, Oconee and Oglethorpe) are strongly Republican (each of those 5 gave Trump two-thirds or more of the vote). One wonders though, if Barrow could not hold his district after 10 years in office, how can he win statewide?


He lost east side Savannah/Chatham and Liberty County after the last redrew. Statewide he could carry more of the northern democrats. With all the voter database issues going on , small fraud numbers, but foreign hacking and looking through databases, this might come down to issues.