“Same Liberal Tactics” from Frontiers of Freedom Group

Political Insider reported this morning that Congressman Buddy Carter is taking some heat for having his name on a bill with Elizabeth Warren. Apparently, a group called Frontiers of Freedom based in Virginia is running this ad:

Some facts that might be worth mentioning.

  • Joseph Kennedy sponsored the bill in the House.
  • There are 12 Co-Sponsors, 4 of which are Republicans.
  • The Libertarian Think-Tank, Libertarian Niskanen Center, also supports the bill.
  • Elizabeth Warren did sponsor the Senate bill.
  • Additionally, the Senate bill has only 4 c0-sponsors, 3 of which are Republicans and includes Johnny Isakson.

Frontiers of Freedom is reportedly spending AT LEAST six figures in three Red States to convince voters to call their Representatives and convince them to come off the bill.

Buddy Carter is “truly baffled”, and frankly, so am I.

We, as Republicans, LOVE the free-market, and this bill embraces the free-market, taking the monopoly away from a handful of companies.

“Opening up this closed market will increase competition to make hearing aids more affordable and accessible,” Rep. Carter said.

So, what’s the problem? The problem, according to Frontiers of Freedom, is Elizabeth Warren. Look, I’m not a member of her fan club or anything. But come on, there are other people involved. And as much as I tend to be skeptical as well, it’s just hard for me to believe that Buddy Carter OF ALL PEOPLE would attach his name to something that wasn’t good in the conservative Republican sense of the word. But I mean, how DARE we work across the aisle? And if her name is associated with it, then Buddy Carter must be a RINO.

Insert *eyeroll* here. I would love to know if this freedom loving organization reached out to Rep. Carter, or anyone else for that matter, before they started their witch hunt.

This is what I was talking about earlier this week. This is the working together, unifying, thing I was referencing in my article on Tuesday. We are really going to make a villan one of the nicest and most conservative guys in D.C.? This is what helps Republicans lose seats. This is the kind of stuff that creates discord within the party, encourages primary elections in districts that are being represented by good folks, and that makes Republicans look like little kids who won’t share the monkey bars on the playground. This is more of the same “dog eat dog” mentality that the GOP is so accustomed to using.

We love saying “We’re Republicans, we don’t use the type of tactics the Democrats use” and “We’re Republicans…we’re better than that.” But are we? Frontiers of Freedom isn’t helping support those idealistic claims.

I truly hope that the good voters of Georgia’s 1st Congressional district will not be swayed by propaganda marketing.


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