Handel Gaining Momentum Against Ossoff In Latest Poll

Last night, WSB-TV aired the results of a poll conducted by them and Landmark Communications on the #GA6 race between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat John Ossoff.  Handel leads the race with 49.1% to Ossoff’s 46.5%.

It’s a close race.  4.4% are undecided and there’s a 4% margin of error, but this shows that the GOP wagons are circling around Karen Handel and is gaining momentum, but we’re still more than a month away from election day.  As we’ve said before, special elections can be odd ducks…especially this one since it has become nationalized.  You can expect the attacks against Handel to increase the closer we get to June 20th.  In fact, Ossoff has begun to go negative when he said that he wouldn’t.


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