Washington Free Beacon: Ossoff Going Negative, Though He Said He Wouldn’t

Brent Scher at The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that Jon Ossoff has gone negative in his campaigning in GA-6 against Karen Handel despite committing publicly to running a positive campaign. He has released a negative ad (provided by AJC) that follows a Democratic National Committee narrative.

In Ossoff’s own words:

“Anger is just not who I am, and I don’t think it’s what voters in the 6th district want. They want respectful, decent representation that contrasts so starkly with what we have in Washington. I made it clear that I can run a positive campaign and do it better.” – To Esquire Magazine

“I’m not campaigning across the district talking about Donald Trump at every event. There are many in this district who are concerned that the president may embarrass us on the world stage, that he may be incompetent and that he’s dishonest. I share those concerns, but by running a positive campaign focused on core American values, the contrast is obvious.” – To The New York Times

“In a district like this, running a positive campaign and not indulging the mudslinging, we can win.” – To flippable


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