Today in CD-6: Handel’s Endorsement Announcement

This morning, CD-6 candidate Karen Handel announced a list of endorsements that includes more than two dozen current and former municipal, county, and statewide elected officials.

Notable among that list is Cobb County District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott:

“I am proud to endorse my longtime friend Karen Handel. Karen has always worked hard to find solutions and deliver results for both her business clients and the people she’s served in elected office. That’s why it’s both an honor and privilege to be a part of her growing campaign team and I look forward to working with her as our next representative for the 6th Congressional District.”

District 2, which includes East Cobb, Vinings, the Cumberland area, and part of Smyrna, overlaps significantly with Georgia Senate District 32, which was occupied until last week by Judson Hill, who resigned from the Senate when he qualified to run for CD-6 along with Karen Handel and sixteen other candidates in what is frequently referred to as a “jungle primary.”

See the rest of Handel’s endorsements after the jump.

D.C. Aiken – City of Alpharetta, former Councilmember

Mike Bowers – Former Georgia Attorney General

JoAnn Birrell – Cobb County Commissioner

Nancy Diamond – Roswell City Councilmember

Steve Dorvee – Former Roswell City Councilmember

Tim Echols – Public Service Commissioner

Chuck Eaton – Public Service Commissioner

Joe Gebbia – City of Brookhaven, Councilmember

Jim Gilvin – City of Alpharetta, Councilmember

Ashley Jenkins – Sandy Springs, former Councilmember

Randall Johnson – Johns Creek, former Councilmember,

Mike Kenn – Former Fulton County Commission Chair

Arthur Letchas – City of Alpharetta, former Mayor

Joe Lockwood – City of Milton, Mayor

Joe Longoria – City of Milton, Councilmember

Bill Lusk – City of Milton, Councilmember

Bates Mattison – City of Brookhaven, Mayor Pro Tem

Karen Meinzen-McEnerny – Sandy Springs, former Councilmember

Dan Merkel – City of Alpharetta, Councilmember

Terry Nall – Dunwoody, Councilmember

Bob Ott – Cobb County Commissioner

Chris Owens – City of Alpharetta, Mayor Pro Tem

Michelle Penkara – Tucker, Councilmember

Donna Pittman – Doraville, Mayor

Kristen Riley – Former Roswell City Councilmember

Jim Still – City of Mountain Park, Mayor

Pam Tallmadge – Dunwoody, Councilmember

Karen Thurman – City of Milton, Councilmember

Honey Van De Kreke – Tucker, Councilmember

Rebecca Chase Williams – City of Brookhaven, former Mayor

Becky Wynn – Roswell, Councilmember

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Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

Is a tired retread like Karen Handel really the best the GOP can do?


No more so than retread Hillary.

Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

and I’d tell Hillary the same thing after multiple failed runs for office… go home.

Bull Moose
Bull Moose

Your comment is petty. Many of our greatest leaders and innovators, in politics and in business, have started companies and failed or run for office and lost. Each time, they dusted themselves off, got back up, and entered their respective arenas once again, determined that they could make a unique and significant contribution to society.

Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

Yes, but those people were offering innovative ideas, Handel is little more than a conduit for the thoughtless regurgitation of establishment Republican positions. That was her problem in both the Gubernatorial and Senate primaries and I’m not sure what’s changed that would lead anyone to think she’s trotting out some new idea.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

She can add damage to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to her bio since her Gubernatorial race, so she’s got that going for her.

Bull Moose
Bull Moose

Pope it sounds like to me that you don’t know much about Karen Handel. She is strikingly different than most “establishment Republicans”. She is refreshingly normal. She has strong principles. She doesn’t put up with the status quo. Her 2010 motto for her run for Governor was “Bring it On” because Karen has faced numerous challenges in her life and in her career in public service and she has risen each time to overcome and grow stronger from the adversities. You may disagree with her on the politics of an issue here and there, heck, I do on some, but… Read more »

Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

Bull Moose, I think you’re missing my point. I’m sure Handel is a nice person and I’m not doubting that or calling it into question.

What I’m simply saying is that her positions on issues do not divert from GOP orthodoxy in any meaningful way and, at no point, has she introduced any novel or innovative idea into the political discourse. I fail to see how she will be anything less than a continuation of “politics as usual,” remaining loyal to the GOP party line and politely regurgitating stale talking points.

The Eiger
The Eiger

I greatly appreciate your advice on how to be a better republican. I also fail to see why we should care what you think about “remaining loyal to the GOP party line.”

Bull Moose
Bull Moose

Legislating is like making sausage, what goes into the process makes a difference in what comes out in the end. Karen’s style and thought process set her apart from the other Republicans. She simply thinks about solving problems in a different way.

Karen’s thought process is different because she is different and in the end, I think voters would be better for it because of that.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Is Handel courting the gay vote and Log Cabin Republicans when running for office in Fulton County when that was advantageous, then distancing herself and denying that she did so when running for Governor when that was advantageous an example of Handel’s principles?

A Trump campaign ally wants to 'bring the hammer' to Congress -RocketNews

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