Qualifying Ends for GA-6

Karen Handel is surrounded by supporters after qualifying today for GA-6.

Qualifying for GA-6 has ended and 18 candidates are listed on the Secretary of State’s website as being officially qualified. The candidates include 2 Independents, 11 Republicans, and 5 Democrats. The election is slated for April 18.

Author: Lawton Sack

Lawton likes politics. And Cheez-Its. He is an IT graduate of Georgia Southern University, commonly referred to as The GSU. He rode in the elevator with the Oak Ridge Boys at the 2012 Republican National Convention. He has been called a RINO, an establishment hack, a libertarian, a Tea Partier, a right wing extremist, but he prefers to take long walks beside a lake.

3 thoughts on “Qualifying Ends for GA-6”

  1. My suggestion for candidate web sites is to put specifics on where you stand on issues rather than generalized statements. Even worse, some sites only give a bio then tell how to donate to the candidate.

  2. Notably absent from this list are Betty Price and Sally Harrell.
    Fmr. Rep. Harrell posted that she would not run due to fundraising challenges, and Rep. Price said she wants to stay in the GA House.

  3. 18 signed up for the 6th District—is that a record for a special congressional race in this state?

    It will be interesting to see what share of the vote in the special comes from Cobb and Fulton…Fulton of course is by far the largest part of the 3-county district, but sometimes the Cobb turnout can be disproportionately high compared to its share of the population. Cobb accounted for just 30 percent of the district’s total turnout last November, but the county accounted for 36% of the total turnout in the 2014 GOP US Senate primary and 2016 GOP presidential primary.

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