Dear David Abroms – Please Don’t Spend $250K in GA-6 Race

Dear David Abroms,

I don’t know you, but I have some advice I want to share. I read an article today at titled “A GOP newcomer lays a $250K bet on Georgia’s 6th District.” Greg Bluestein shared with us that you plan on putting $250,000 of your own money into the GA-6 race. A race with SEVENTEEN other contestants in a special election that takes place 8 weeks from today on April 18.

Please, sir, don’t do this. I cannot just sit back and say nothing. Donate the money to charity if you don’t need it, but please don’t spend it on this race.

A GA-6 poll was released this week. Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel are both beating someone else/not sure by 7-14 points. They are ahead of the other four candidates listed by at least 14-21 points. $250,000 will not buy the name ID to make up the difference to get you into a two-person runoff, as these candidates are going to spend money as well over the next 8 weeks.

$250,000 doesn’t buy much in congressional politics, especially when you have to introduce yourself to approximately 200-250,000 voters AND separate yourself from the 17 other candidates, including a former statewide office holder and a few former State Senators. Mailers, TV/radio advertisements, etc. are expensive, especially TV advertising in your neck of the woods. I am sure the prices are high with so many people in the race, if the time slots are even available to you at this point.

I am sure that you think you can win this seat, just like the countless candidates that I spoke with during my stints as Bulloch County GOP Chairman and GA-12 District GOP Chairman. I am cognizant of the fact that there are people out there that like to whisper into the ear of a non-viable candidate and tell them they have a shot. I have never done that and I am not going to start doing it now.

PLEASE reconsider. If by some miracle you make the runoff in 8 weeks, then maybe consider using your own money. It is your money and your right to spend it, but you can make a real difference by donating it to charity instead of tossing it into the wind.

I sincerely wish you the best in this race and the other endeavors that will follow.


Lawton Sack


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