Bert Brantley Named Chief Operating Officer for GA Dept Of Economic Development; Spencer Moore To Head DDS

Score one for the good guys.

Bert Brantley has made a career in and out of Georgia’s government. His highest profile gig was as the Spokesperson for Governor Sonny Perdue during his second term. (Imagine for a moment being the guy serving between Dan McLagan and Brain Robinson.). In addition to being the mouth of Georgia State Government, Brantley has had many other wonky jobs in the Department of Economic Development, State Road and Tollway Authority, and most recently the head of the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

Bert is the proverbial work horse in a field of show horses. He’s now going to take his work ethic and mastery of bureaucratic minutia back to Economic Development, where he’ll serve as the Chief Operations Officer. It’s a good move for him, and a great move from the Governor. EcDev continues to be in good stead.

As for DDS, Deputy Commissioner Spencer Moore will be taking the helm after four years in his current role. The Dublin Georgia native also has prior experience as the Deputy Commissioner of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. I’m assured DDS is also in great hands.

Congrats to Bert and to Spencer.

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