Karen Handel Sets Campaign Timeline

Former Secretary of State Karen Handel wrote a Facebook post this morning thanking people for their encouraging message as she considers running for Representative Tom Price’s soon-to-be vacated seat. She ended her post with, “Watch for a formal announcement early in the new year.”

Here is her full post:

Steve and I want to thank you for the encouraging calls, emails, and texts as we consider the opportunity to serve the citizens of Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District. We are deeply humbled and so very appreciative of your prayers, gracious thoughts, and warm friendship. Steve and I are looking forward to enjoying the holidays with our family and friends and will take some time to give further thought and prayer to this big decision. Watch for a formal announcement early in the new year. Meanwhile, our warmest wishes to each of you as we look forward to the special seasons of Christmas and Hanukkah.

Karen Handel has run statewide three times: Secretary of State in 2006, Governor in 2010, and Senate in 2014. She also authored a book, Planned Bullyhood, about her experience fighting Planned Parenthood during her time with Susan G. Komen.

The field for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has thinned in recent weeks. Speaker Pro Temp Jan Jones announced she will continue to work in the Georgia House of Representatives and Sen John Albers has also decided to take a pass.  The newest Democrat to throw her name in the ring is former Rep Sally Harrell, with Democratic operatives saying they’ve yet to consolidate behind one candidate.

Senator Judson Hill and Rep Chuck Martin have indicated they are running, and several independents declared candidacies via Facebook – though they probably should fill out some actual FEC paperwork before they’re called candidates. Many others remain in the talking/making calls stage.

The special election date will be set by Governor Deal upon the resignation of Congressman Price, which will not likely occur until he has been confirmed as HHS Secretary by the U.S. Senate.


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