The race to replace Price gets its first contestant!

And it’s Judson Hill!

The Senator from Marietta becomes the first candidate to announce in the race, but will surely not be the last. Should he qualify for the race (a special election to replace Congressman Tom Price is expected to be held early next year) he would need to resign from the Senate, thus creating another special election to fill his seat. It would also leave Senator Greg Kirk without a challenger for “best hair” in the upper chamber.

Senator Hill’s initial statement appears to align himself with President-Elect Trump, despite his poor showing in the district earlier this month: “The people of our great country voted in November to chart a new course to restore America’s leadership role in the world,” said Hill. “America’s best days are ahead of us if elected leaders will simply return to our founding principles and seize the opportunity to fundamentally reform Washington, D.C.”

5 thoughts on “The race to replace Price gets its first contestant!”

  1. Judson Hill literally took two different, opposing, positions on the healthcare issue. He’s like a slinky – whichever way the floor tilts, there he goes.

    There are just too many toy blowhards in Congress already.

    The 6th District is and has been a seat of doers – Newt Gingrich, Johnny Isakson, and Tom Price. These are leaders, agree or disagree with their politics, they are people of consequence and that’s a quality and characteristic the next Member of Congress should embody.

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