National Teachers Unions Drop $3 Million More To Protect Failing Schools

The groups that believe the only solution for schools is “more money” have sent almost $3Million more to Georgia in order to protect the status quo and continue to trap children in failing schools and rob them of future economic opportunity.  The October filing is out, showing the following contributions given to the “Committee To Keep Schools Local“:

The American Federation of Teachers:

$200,000 on 10/5

$50,000 on 10/25

The National Association of Educators:  

$1,900,000 on 10/6

$500,000 on 10/20

$300,000 on 10/26

Total non-local money for “local” schools:       $2,975,000 in October

Add this to previous $2Million from the NEA and you’re looking at $5 Million spent from national teachers unions that suddenly are concerned about keeping Georgia’s schools “local”.  These groups have been shameless about casting profit motive dispersions behind Amendment One, which I attempted to debunk yesterday.

For those of you from right-of-center circles who love to shout “follow the money” as much as you enjoy “local control”, ask yourself this question:  Why are D.C. Teachers’ unions suddenly so interested in local control here in Georgia?  And why is it worth $5 Million of teachers’ union dues to protect the 4% of Georgia’s schools that are failing from change?

For bonus points, ask yourself if you think these groups will still be on the side of local control in January when the QBE reform plan centers on moving teacher compensation from the state to locally elected boards of education (with the same or more funding that each district currently gets).  Spoiler alert:  Come January, these groups will forget all about the words “local control”.


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