Racist Comments “Needed To Get A Vote” In Douglas County

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While we’re working to fix the embedded video, here’s a direct link.

The Chairman of the Douglas County Commission, Tom Worthan, made some disparaging, inflammatory, and embarrassing comments about black candidates running for office in Douglas County a couple of weeks ago. He was caught on tape doing so. His excuse? “I spoke as a politician, trying to say what I needed to say to get a vote.”

The exchange was recorded on a cell phone and reported by Randy Travis at Fox5 Atlanta. A portion of what was said includes:

Dodd: What are we going to do if Pounds wins and that girl wins? What’s going to happen? Be honest?
Worthan: Probably going to have to pack up and get out of here you know?
Dodd: I mean what’s going to happen? Be honest. It’s just me and the lamp post.
Worthan: Well, do you know of another government that’s more black that’s successful? They bankrupt you.”

Dodd asked again about sheriff candidate Tim Pounds.

Dodd: If Tim was to get it, what do you think would happen?
Worthan: I’m afraid he would put a bunch of blacks in leadership positions.

It’s worth watching the entire segment, especially for the comments from the African American officials that Worthan mentioned – all of who seem quite ready and willing to forgive him for the comments. That’s quite charitable on their part, given the range and nature of comments.

Race issues in Douglas County politics are not new, as Douglas is among the suburban Atlanta counties experiencing a rapid change in demographic composition. Three and a half years ago, Michael McNeeley, Chairman of the Georgia Black Republican Council, was blocked from election to attend the Douglas County GOP Convention as a delegate, despite his candidacy (and victory) to run for the First Vice Chairmanship of the Georgia GOP.

I’m not sure if it’s better or worse that Worthan claims he doesn’t believe what he said, but was just saying what he thought he needed to say to get a vote. I guess that’s just part of the 2016 cycle, where Making Racism Great Again seems to be in vogue by some and a ready pitch to some voters.

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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Talk from elected officials that encourages racism is tantamount to them being racist. Incidents like those in the link below certainly happen without that talk, but they’re more likely to occur with that talk.


George Chidi
George Chidi

Indeed. “I needed to sound racist to get votes” is actual racism. And it’s ugly.

Never mind that the statement he’s making is also fundamentally untrue.


Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Thanks for highlighting this for the many who actually believe that we’re in a post-racial America.


What the hell people? This is ri-got-danged-diculous. People are reluctant to call this stuff out for whatever reason – same political party, worried about retribution or something, I don’t know – but thanks Charlie for spreading this one out there and here’s hoping that post-Cheeto, these folks will shut up and let people not stuck in 1952 get to governing and trying to continue to improve a civil society.


Incredibly stupid comments but you guys need to tone it down on the ‘racism’ term, that word doesn’t mean what you think it does.


i think it’s enabling racism when you don’t call out racism for what it is, or attempts to downplay it by saying racism is just stupidity. maybe the word means something that you deny.