Where Politics and Pop Culture Meet

Today’s Wall Street Journal takes a look at a study done by Facebook that examines what people who “like” one of the two major presidential candidates also “like” in areas of pop culture. For clarity, the study did not consider users who “liked” both candidates. The results were broken down by state, so it is possible to see regional differences in likes, as well as political ones.

For example, take a look at preferences in musicians and bands. Nationwide, Hillary Clinton supporters “liked” Adele the most. For those backing Donald Trump, Ted Nugent took the top spot. But in much of the South, including Georgia, Beyonce was the favorite of Clintonites, while Luke Bryan was the favorite of Trumpsters in Georgia, with most of the rest of the South liking George Strait.

For movie actors / directors, George Takei dominated the preferences of Clinton supporters almost nationwide, except in the old South, including Georgia, where Jada Pinkett Smith took top honors. For Trump fans, Adam Sandler was at the top in the Eastern states, including Georgia, while John Wayne did well in the southwest and west. Movies? Harry Potter nationwide for those who “liked” Hillary, although Georgians preferred Love & Basketball. On the side of Trump supporters, God’s Not Dead was the fave of most of the country including Georgia. The Rachel Maddow Show for Clinton fans and Duck Dynasty for Trump fans topped television favorites, both nationwide and in Georgia.

Preferences for books and athletes were far more diverse across the country than film and TV. The Great Gatsby was the favorite book of Hillary supporters, followed by Lord of the Rings. For Hillary fans in the old South, including Georgia, I Declare, Joel Osteen topped the list. Trump supporters, on the other hand, seem enamored by the weather. The Old Farmers Almanac carried the top spot nationwide, including in the Peach State, while The Farmers Almanac was second, being more popular in the upper Midwest and Plains states. Of note: the top choice of Texans supporting Trump was Texas Got it Right.

For Hillary Clinton supporters, both nationwide and in Georgia, Serena Williams was the top athlete. Ronda Rousey was the favorite athlete of Donald Trump supporters nationwide. In Georgia, Tim Tebow was the favorite.


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