WorkSource Georgia Announced

The Georgia Department of Economic Development Workforce Division launched WorkSource Georgia this morning at a conference in Atlanta. The goal of WorkSource Georgia is to provide a unified brand to Georgia’s 19 Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDA) and better connect job seekers with careers in our state’s largest industries. Expect to see WorkSource Georgia branding throughout the state.

As always, commends the hard work and dedication of the Economic Development staff. They do incredible work to bring jobs to our state and to cultivate a world-class workforce.

The full press release is below the fold.

ATLANTA, August 1, 2016 – The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Workforce division launched WorkSource Georgia today at the 2016 Georgia Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Convening. This new statewide unified brand was created to align the resources of Georgia’s workforce system, in order to more effectively connect job seekers with careers in the state’s leading industries.

“Georgia has 19 Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDAs) that work tirelessly, year-round, to administer first-class services to job seekers,” said GDEcD Workforce Division Deputy Commissioner Ben Hames. “After meeting with every LWDA and our state-level partners, we found that this unified brand was needed to help further align our efforts into highlighting strong training and educational opportunities that lead to employment.”

WorkSource Georgia, the first unified brand ever associated with Georgia’s workforce system, targets job seekers, workforce development practitioners, education leaders and citizens at large. The brand’s tagline “Connecting Talent with Opportunity” promotes the state’s workforce development efforts.

The statewide brand, developed in partnership with The Blue Sky Agency, also features nineteen unique brands to represent each of the state’s nineteen LWDAs. Using WIOA funding, the GDEcD Workforce Division will provide financial support to each LWDA in the implementation and adoption of the new brand.

Jobseekers should expect to see the WorkSource Georgia and local WorkSource logos appear throughout the state in the coming months.

About the GDEcD Workforce Division:

The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Workforce Division administers the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) under the leadership of the State Workforce Development Board with the ultimate goal of improving the quality and marketability of Georgia’s workforce to meet the needs of business. WIOA services are administered through nineteen Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDAs) that are positioned within each economic development region in Georgia. Core partners of the GDEcD Workforce Division include: The Georgia Department of Labor, the Technical College System of Georgia and the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.



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