Isakson Endorses Drew Ferguson in GA-3; Race Also Has Trump Vs Cruz Sub-Plot

This morning, Johnny Isakson has endorsed Drew Ferguson over Mike Crane in the race to replace Lynn Westmoreland in Congress. Isakson in a press release (full release below the fold) says Ferguson has his “full support”.

The race is about to get some national attention as Senator Ted Cruz will do a soft launch of his 2020 Presidential campaign in Newnan tomorrow, using the Crane campaign as his reason to be in Georgia. This after Cruz was able to use a prime time slot at the Republican National Convention to once again stand upon the backs of the party faithful to demonstrate that only he and those who follow him have principle, and everyone else is compromised. Hilarity did not ensue.

Ferguson, for his part, addressed the matter via twitter this morning:

Despite the professional anti-establishment headquarters of the Coweta GOP orchestrating a Coweta County straw poll during mass meetings to go 80% for Cruz, the county and the district only gave about 25% of their votes to Cruz in the March Presidential Preference primary. Trump? About 38% in Coweta and 40% district wide. And that was before he was the official GOP nominee.

Cruz decided to put himself above the party last night, presuming to be first in line to say “I told you so” if and when Trump fails. He could have stayed home like Kasich & Bush. Instead he’s playing the long game. And Mike Crane my be collateral damage as a result. At a minimum, Georgia’s 3rd district will be an early test of Ted Cruz’s “purity or nothing” strategy for 2020 – just days after coming out of the convention to do battle for the 2016 general election.

Johnny Isakson Endorses Ferguson

WEST POINT GA – Senator Johnny Isakson today endorsed Drew Ferguson for Congress calling him “an advocate for the entire West Georgia region.”

“I’ve known Drew Ferguson for many years, and I’m proud to give him my full support in his campaign to represent Georgia’s third district in Congress” Isakson said. “He has been a great asset for the residents of West Point, Ga., and an advocate for the entire west Georgia region. Drew has built on the growth of the KIA plant through his pursuit of commonsense fiscal policies, and he has helped the economy grow 15,000 new jobs to develop a business-friendly environment that is attractive to families.”

“Johnny Isakson has been a leader for Georgia but we have also been proud to lend him to America as a leader for the nation,” Drew said. “He has been a giant on the national stage but has done so much for Georgia that we can never thank him enough.”

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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

The GOP was fawning over Cruz when he was the anti-Trump prior to Trump locking up the nomination. Cruz now is person non grata.


Endorsements are not important. In this race the only endorsement that may have a small effect is the endorsement made by Westmoreland.

The Eiger
The Eiger

The endorsement of the sheriffs matter. I grew up in a small town and the sheriff tends have a pretty big say politically. I agree with you on he other endorsements. They rarely if ever matter.