GOP County Mass Meetings Show Ted Cruz The Establishment Choice

Ted Cruz’s anti-establishment message seems to be winning with the members of the GOP establishment who gathered Saturday to begin the process to select their leaders. “Large” counties with populations over 80,000 held GOP mass precinct meetings today, where delegates from Georgia are chosen to represent the state at the Republican National Convention in exciting glamorous geographically centered Cleveland Ohio.

Some straw polls were held during these meetings. I’ve found the following on Facebook. Feel free to post others you are aware of in the comments.

I tweeted during the resolutions portion of the last State GOP Convention that it was becoming clear that our Establishment delegates were getting farther and farther from representative voters in GOP primaries. Yet in the only place I recall making a public prediction on Georgia’s Presidential Preference Primary (to the Gilmer GOP back in October) I said that Cruz would probably take Georgia. You may draw your own conclusions to either, but the degree of magnitude seen below (couple with at least one rather…unique result from the Coweta GOP) makes me openly question whether GOP organizations are seeking diversity of thought within the conservative movement or enforcing group think. While I doubt we’ll solve that question in these comments, I do look forward to comparing these percentages to those of the actual vote on March 1st.

Governor John Oxendine was not available to comment on these results.

Bush Carson Cruz Kasich Rubio Trump Other/Undecided
Bibb 0% 12.5% 42.5% 7.5% 12.5% 22.5% 2.5%
Cherokee 0% .76% 58.33% 3.03% 14.39% 16.67% 6.82%
Coweta 1% 3% 80% 3% 7% 6% 0%
Forsyth 2.13% 2.84% 60.99% 1.42% 17.73% 14.18% .71%
Muscogee 1.6% 11.6% 60% 3.3% 6.6% 15% 1.6%
Paulding 2% 0% 77% 0% 14% 5% 2%

Bibb County (courtesy of Doug Deal)


Cherokee County (courtesy of Rep Scot Turner)

Straw Poll results from the Cherokee County Republican Mass Precinct Meetings. Ted Cruz wins big. #GAGOP

Posted by Scot Turner on Saturday, February 20, 2016


Coweta County (courtesy of their party Facebook Page)

Coweta County Caucus Results …

Posted by Coweta GOP on Saturday, February 20, 2016


Forsyth County (courtesy of their Website)
Screenshot 2016-02-20 17.52.37


Muscogee County (courtesy of Sen Josh McKoon)

Results from Muscogee GOP Presidential Straw Poll: Cruz 60%, Trump 15%, Carson 11.6%, Rubio 6.6%, Kasich 3.3%, Bush 1.6%, Undecided 1.6%. #gapol #gagop

Posted by Josh McKoon on Saturday, February 20, 2016


Paulding County (courtesy of their Party Facebook Page)


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