A Continuation Of Petty Politics Under The Guise Of Advancing The GOP

Alex Johnson, the failed contender for GAGOP Chairman and apparent sore loser, sent out an email newsletter that tries to vilify my friend and fellow district chairman Brad Carver.  Interestingly enough, Johnson doesn’t mention Chairman Carver by name in his email (you have to click-through to a PDF that lists small donations to Democrats).  Needless to say, Johnson was incensed by Carver’s donations.  That obviously makes Brad a Grade Double-A Jumbo farm-fresh #RINO!  Right?

This may surprise you, but Brad is a great and friendly guy, and I did something that I’m willing to bet that Alex didn’t do: ask Brad about it.  Brad told me that he’s has a long-standing friendship that goes beyond politics alone.  He felt like a small donation to his friends’ primary campaigns would, at least, keep someone under the Gold Dome who agrees with us 30% of the time rather than 0% of the time in districts where Republicans would not likely win.  He reassured me that he definitely supports our Republican nominees in the General Election.  No questions asked.  I take him at his word.

He also mentioned to me that those Democrats have supported Republican initiatives like school choice, education reform, and criminal justice reform.

I understand the touchiness of the situation, and it’s one that gets cast in a negative light when you have a Republican leader donating to a Democratic elected official.  Of course, Alex doesn’t mention that Brad overwhelmingly donates to our Republican candidates (amounts that would probably make donations to his Democratic friends look like a token amount) for office and general contributions to the Georgia Republican Party over the years compared to folks like Alex.

Petty politics like this gets tiresome, and it does nothing to achieve what the title of his newsletter suggests.  I’m sure that Alex will continue to cast GAGOP leadership as a merry band of #RINOs to make himself seem relevant and self-important.

Politics isn’t quite as black-and-white as some folks try to make it seem. This, frankly, is unnecessary drama that gets perpetuated by someone who enjoys an ego stroke by his supporters.  My colleague from the 11th district is a fine man and a fine Republican.  The Georgia Republican Party should be grateful to have Brad in leadership of our Party.  I know I do.


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